Case Study

SiCureMi for Rehab Case Study

Subject / Problem

This particular case belongs to the city of Bhopal and the person does not choose his identity to be disclosed. The subject is a 51 year old alcoholic (A person who was once addicted to alcohol is termed as an alcoholic even after years of sobriety, because it is believed that withdrawal symptoms remain with the person for the rest of his/her life) who has been sober since the past one year. Said subject has been diagnosed with liver disease and had to be taken under observation.


Alcoholism or Alcohol Use Disorder is the inability to control drinking habits. Alcoholics are different from regular drinkers in varied ways. They tend to give the bottle a higher priority than family members and loved ones. The craving to drink is always present (even while drinking, alcoholics feel the need to drink more), and they spend financial resources on alcohol more extravagantly. Alcoholism can have hereditary causes, but a majority of heavy drinkers do so to cope with stress, to deal with the loss of a loved one, or simply to solve issues of low self esteem and low self confidence. It is not a surprising fact that alcoholism is a major factor behind lots of health complexities.


Although alcoholism leads to a variety of illness, the subject was diagnosed with a common liver disease affiliated with alcoholics. The subject underwent a rehabilitation program for six months which proved to be successful in helping him deal with his addiction. However, his liver was damaged due to years (precisely seven) of alcohol abuse. Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis is the scientific term to describe this disease which the replacement of healthy liver tissue with ridged, unhealthy tissues. Blood flows to the liver with a higher pressure than normal (portal hypertension). Food is not properly digested and not everything that a healthy person’s diet includes, can be consumed. Skin itching (Pruritis) and jaundice are also common issues that afflict the patient. The subject had been having severe heartburns since many years, where the stomach acid comes back to the oesophagus. Tests showed a large amount of white blood cells and high blood ammonia level, two major indicators of Alcoholic Liver Disease. Even after six months of sobriety, the subject showed signs of a damaged liver, due to a large amount of prior damage as well as irregular eating habits.

SiCureMi’s Contribution

SiCureMi has been working with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and recommends all its members to use its services since alcoholics are at a greater risk of diseases, like cardiac related problems, diabetes, and even cancer. Proper tracking and monitoring of recovering alcoholics is key to a healthy and sober future. Here are a few major points on how SiCureMi was able to assist the particular subject;

  • Nutritionists and dieticians helped the subject by making sure he was hydrated at all times. Hydration when alcohol detox is being administered is vital in safeguarding the patient’s withdrawal symptoms. Fatigue, nausea, and depression were kept in check although not totally eradicated. Vitamins and minerals deficiencies are common with alcoholics. The subject was prescribed a series of multivitamins and was advised to monitor his intake of nutrients, following strictly a particular schedule.
  • Blood samples were regularly taken and reports uploaded on the SiCureMi portal. Sobriety tests were conducted on occasions.
  • Exercise plans were drafted by gym trainers for the subject..

More than 10 million cases of alcoholism are reported every year in India. Not only does it affect the domestic lives of thousands of people but it also poses serious threats to the health of the individual. The subject under study has shown significant changes in his lifestyle. Withdrawal symptoms still occur but they are now controlled in a methodical way. His liver is now on its way to recovery., SiCureMi played a vital role in giving the couple the confidence to try for a new baby, and remain free of worry during the expended gestation period.