Case Study

SiCureMi for Hypertension Case Study


A 35 year old male patient came with a history of repeated headaches and blurring of vision. Successive examination of his blood pressure revealed that he had elevated blood pressure levels on many occasions. He works as a sales manager and resides in Mumbai. The patient is also a smoker since 10 years.


According to the JNC classification, hypertension can be classified as stage 1 systolic blood pressure value is between 140 – 160 mmHg and diastolic is between 90 – 100 mmHg. Hypertension is classified as stage 2 when the blood pressure is more than the limits stated above. Treatment is essential for these two categories as they are at a high risk of developing hypertension related complications. Chronic hypertension is associated with increased risk of neurological complications, myocardial infarction, pulmonary edema, angina and renal failure.

Hypertension was always considered a part and parcel of getting older, but now this disease is increasing common among the young people. The reason for this is multifactorial. Stress is definitely one of the main causes, many causes are secondary to stress such as rise in the no. of smokers, sedentary lifestyle and binge eating unhealthy food. The impact of these habits on the body in the long run is deleterious.


This particular patient has grade 1 hypertension. He is gives a positive history for most of the risk factors mentioned above. Furthermore his urine

examination revealed borderline elevation of albumin, signifying underlying kidney disease.

Treatment of this patient requires a multiple approach. For the medical line of treatment, the physician may prescribe some oral antihypertensive drugs such as ARBs, ACE inhibitors or Calcium Channel Blockers. These meds need to be taken on a daily basis and the patient should come for a follow up at a later date to assess the improvement.

Apart from medical treatment, a lifestyle improvement is also required. The patient is a bachelor resident of one of the heavily populated areas of Mumbai. He has to travel 2 hours everyday to reach his workplace. After a 10 hour hectic workday in an office, he barely has time to focus on his health needs and ends up eating a lot of carbs and fried fast food item. He also regularly smokes. Initially the patient should be encouraged to quit smoking and to eat healthier. He should eat home cooked foods, reduce salt intake, and avoid saturated fats and carbs. A consultation with a psychiatric may help him find out the root cause of his stress and anxiety. If his workplace demands are playing havoc with his health, he should consider a change to a less demanding job.

SiCureMi’s Contribution

When the patient first came with the above complaints a year ago, he was introduced to SiCureMi’s software. After a year of treatment, both the patient and his doctor agree that SiCureMi has played an indispensable role in helping the patient achieve his health goals.

IoT wearables made it much easier for him to track his blood pressure regularly. No more hassle of taking a doctors appointment and waiting in long queues. This information regarding the patient’s various vital statistics was stored and could be accessed even by his doctor. This helped the physician prescribe medicines effective and also assess the treatment outcome. It was very motivating for the patient to graphically see improvement in his blood pressure levels as he adopted a healthier lifestyle.

All this was made easy by SiCureMi.

SiCureMi’s services helped the patient consult specialists according to his needs. The software also provided him with knowledge regarding his medical condition and ways he can improve it by making dietary and lifestyle changes. He tracked his in detail, calorie intake along with its breakup into fat, protein, salt and carbohydrates components using SiCureMi. Based in this information he could make the necessary changes in his food habits. This software also helped him significantly reduce the no. of cigarettes he smoked.

SiCureMi makes him aware about any warning symptoms of emergency like myocardial infarction so that he can avail treatment as early as possible.


The person is now adequately treated and his blood pressure levels are under control. He still uses SiCureMi to maintain a stress free lifestyle. The functionality of SiCureMi also motivated his colleagues at work to use it.

SiCureMi played a crucial role in this patient’s treatment.