Company FAQ

SiCureMi uses predictive analytics from historical/real time data via Internet of Things (IoT) and medical reports to provide affordable non-invasive personalized care.
SiCureMi uses activity, heart, sleep, HRV and medical reports to provide personalized recommendations and alerts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
SiCureMi collects data from your wearables and using its state of the art predictive algorithms, it analyses and predicts health based anomalies. This intelligent platform searches for patterns in the data collected and raises alarms and notifications, thus keeping the patients healthy. For more details check SiCureMi.
Yes, it is backed by medical study and published papers along with clinical trials.
SiCureMi is a global platform and can be subscribed by anyone. For various packages please SiCureMi..
No, only authorized clinicians are allowed to provide medical prescription.
No, SiCureMi will not be sharing your data with any third-party entity, including your doctor without your consent. Please see the terms and conditions page for more details.
SiCureMi's server is hosted at Bangaluru, India.
SiCureMi is supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and our incubation partners include Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) and Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT).
SiCureMi is currently focusing on diabetes and hypertension. We are also in the process of developing metrics for sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
We start by tracking your vital health parameters through sensors while building real-time monitoring platform. Your vital signs & medical records are wirelessly transmitted and viewed remotely by your physicians, on any smart device across the globe via our smart platform. Machine learning algorithms look for immediate signs as well as longer term subtle changes, allowing clinicians to make immediate, accurate, and predictive decisions.

User FAQ

You can signup with us, its Free. Click Here to signup.
We have different packages available for different needs. For diabetes packages click here. For hypertension packages click here. For all other packages click here.
Please make sure your login email and password are correct. If you are still not able to login then please contact us.
You can add your doctor to your network, also your doctor can add you in his/her network. You will receive a request in your dashboard and also in your registered email, upon approval your doctor will be able to see your profile and reports.
Currently we are associated with Fitbit and Garmin devices only, in future we will add support for more devices such as Mi Band.
Yes, bulk discounts are available. Please contact us for more details.
Yes, you can add your family members to your network. A request will be sent to them, upon approval you will be able to see their reports.
Product demo is available at demo page.
You need to fill your profile information which is mandatory. SiCureMi works best with your medical data and your wearable data. You can then add medical records and also add your IoT trackers, our algorithms will generate reports based on the data you have uploaded along with your IoT data.
It is not mandatory to add all your reports but our algorithms works best when you have uploaded all your reports and synced your Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
Please make sure you sync your data regularly for optimum output. If you do not sync data on any given day, our algorithm will exclude those days from the calculation.
Yes, you can request a complete removal of your data from our platform. Please contact us for more information.
You can only see reports for the last 30 days in your dashboard. If you need to see reports for more than 30 days, you can raise a query through the contact us page in your dashboard.
Please use the contact us page in your dashboard or email us at care@sicuremi.com
Yes, you can purchase packages which have band only. Please visit the packages page for more information.