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About Us


To be the leading vital signs monitoring and decision support platform wherever you are - in the clinic, after a procedure, at office, on vacation, or at home.

How do we do it?

We start by tracking your vital health parameters through sensors while building real-time monitoring platform. your vital signs & medical records are wirelessly transmitted and viewed remotely by your physicians, on any smart device across the globe via our smart platform. machine learning algorithms look for immediate signs as well as longer term subtle changes, allowing clinicians to make immediate, accurate, and predictive decisions.


At SiCureMi, we aim to develop an affordable and non-invasive “Intelligent Self Care” product for users providing personalized care using predictive analytics from historical/real-time data using IOT/Mobile based app.

By employing Internet of Things (IoT) wearable devices, we collect relevant activity data about the individual including steps count, calorie consumption, sleep and rest time, physical activity levels and heart rate. SiCureMi also keeps track of the individual’s medical records such as medication history, blood and urine reports, glucose profile. Our data analytics engine incorporates the activity data and medical data and gives out a comprehensive presentation of the information that makes the work of the physician easier and more efficient.


Conventional approaches to healthcare practice offer limited efficiency, often posing impediment to full productivity of the system. The current healthcare models are found to be incompetent with poor data management and analysis of the same. It is also cumbersome to the patients, given the long waiting hours and incorrect or incomplete diagnosis of the condition due to lack of appropriate medical history. SiCureMi offers a diverse set of operations that involve data capture, data storage and management, data cleaning and segregation, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, personalized alerts etc. Our decision support tool including a doctor’s dashboard, real-time monitoring of patient’s compliance and identification of risk factors makes diagnosis of the patient convenient for the physician.

The algorithm also accommodates personalized alerts and predictive warnings for the patients. It gives out ‘Compliance Scores’ for the users based on their data, comparing it to an ideal figure across various parameters such as sleep, activity and nutritional compliances. Our robust Machine Learning models generate ‘Risk Scores’ for early detection of conditions that the user might be at a risk for, based on analysis of routinely collected data.


By integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) with healthcare, we aspire to not only keep the patients safe and healthy, but also improve the quality and efficacy of medical services being delivered to them. SiCureMi brings services of high value to individuals of advanced age, people with chronic, long-term conditions and those requiring constant medical attention and supervision. It has been seen that consistent monitoring and tracking statuses of relevant parameters can reduce the risk of illnesses by a significant margin.

The installing of personal mobile fitness trackers has led to establishment of an opportunity for patients to become more accustomed to management of their health online. Remote monitoring systems and early, predictive warnings generated by our high precision algorithm will reduce the incidence of disease recurrences and readmissions of high risk patients. Optimization of knowledge of the healthcare provider and employment of state-of-the-art technology has enabled us to create a system of patient centered care with a dramatic enhancement of ease of effort in the functioning of medical services. By creating incentives for the users by gamification of their healthcare regimen through compliance scores and other methods, we shift the focus on a healthcare system driven by maintenance and prevention. We establish a connectivity spanning across multiple devices and implement smart features into fitness tracking devices that benefits patients, families and practitioners alike.

Bringing down costs around maintenance of health and fitness, we strive towards creating a healthier population as a whole. Once the prevalent ungainly inconveniences in the current models of health service are eliminated, the demographic will automatically shift towards a more fitness centered pattern.


SiCureMi bases its foundation on a mission to optimize the healthcare environment in a time and cost effective fashion by making patients and healthcare service providers more accessible to each other through software and technology. We implement our cutting edge technology in daily fitness routines with a promise of advancing existing healthcare facilities. This will help physicians build better relationships with their patients leading to a more wholesome medical experience. From a users’ point of view, constant monitoring of their own health will increase their general awareness and make them more receptive to treatment arrangements.

Our project has a potential to give rise to a diverse set of medical applications like remote health monitoring, fitness tracking, better care for the elderly and those with chronic ailments. It will lead to increasing patient compliance to medication and treatment. There is a promise of reduction of cost, enrichment of quality of life, realtime health monitoring and an overall better user experience. SiCureMi provides seamless and secure cross connectivity across patients, healthcare facilities and individual medical practitioners. We make advanced approaches to digitize healthcare system, increasing the incorporation of technology and software in the medical services. Reduced healthcare expenditure remaining the main objective, we strive towards betterment of health delivery systems.