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Having an upper-hand in determining your health and physical conditions seemed a difficult task, until the 21st century; but with internet and a world that revolves around it made things possible for the people to have a say in their physical health in a way we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. While building a platform for the same purpose is a powerful initiative by SiCureMi, joining hands with us will surely be rewarding as people today are more tech savvy than ever before. Please click the icons below to signup with us as a partner, our team will take you to the next step.

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SiCureMi acts a bridge between the patients and the healthcare providers. For doctors, SiCureMi is a tremendous opportunity to find and serve more patients and that too in a more effective way.

The platform allow doctors to take their noble profession to the world of internet and in doing so cater to the ill and unhealthy in a way that was not imaginable a few years ago. Join SiCureMi as a health partner and deal with patients smartly and in a better way.

With vital information about their clients’ health patterns and statuses transferred straight to a smart platform, nutritionists understand the condition and needs of their patients and work our better oriented and carefully drafted diet regimes for them.

A very common error that is encountered amongst the masses is that they confuse nutritionists with dieticians; a nutritionist mostly deals with healthy people which increases their domain of clientele quantitatively and SiCureMi as a partner might as well be the difference between a good nutritionist and a great one!

While walking or working out, having a tracker has its benefits, SiCureMi can prove to be an essential addition for regular gym goers. For gym owners, including SiCureMi in their packages opens entirely new arenas for them and their customers to track their workout session in a more authorised and transparent manner. Attracting customers becomes much easier; gym trainers have a better idea of how fast and well the session is working for their clients.

Gym owners can pitch this idea to the service buyers as a complementary and effective way to achieve desired results, as it will make it easier for the trainers to choose the best workout for their customers and provide them with the best of their services.

Our Device Manufacturing partners deal in designing, manufacturing, testing, and distribution of IoT trackers and wearables.

Partner with SiCureMi to explore a new market of electronics in healthcare and medicine. We believe in a harmonious and an ethical relationship with our partners, and we would love to have you working and growing with us.

Being a sales manager for a firm allows space for innovation and opens multiple doors to generate revenue for the same. Having a say in the sales of a firm, a sales manager can identify opportunities and grab one which looks rewarding.

SiCureMi helps business developers and sale executives in generating good revenue as an affiliate or in the form of referral commissions, and in the process creating awareness for a product that harbors the potential to positively affect the standard of living of millions of people.

An aspiring marketeer? A budding entrepreneur? Campus Ambassadors holding the SiCureMi flag have an added bonus in the CVs; they get to work with two industries at the same time. SiCureMi combines the world of electronics and internet with the world of healthcare.

Ambassadors in their respective colleges and institutions work hard to keep SiCureMi under the limelight. Join us as our campus ambassador and be a part of the hue and cry; become a charismatic flagbearer of SiCureMi.