Research shows every 1 out of 3 Indians are victims of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Leveraging the power of machine learning combined with IoT devices, our engine can analyse and predict the chronic ailments, helping people gain control over their lives.

SiCureMi Platform

SiCureMi collects data from your wearables and using its state of the art predictive algorithms it analyses and predicts health based anomalies. This intelligent platform searches for patterns in the data collected and raises alarms and notifications thus keeping the patients healthy.


Step 1: Data Acquisition

We collect your medical data using sophisticated IoT activity tracking devices.

Types of Data we Collect


Step 2: Processing & Analysing

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we monitor your activities and analyse the unusual patterns.

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Step 3: Prediction & Report

We interact with you to alert, assure, assist in times of need and help prevent all medication errors.

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